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Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Hiiii guys! Thanks for joining in! Well, isn't this exciting?! I want to introduce you to our Feel Good blog. Here we'll be showcasing a whole bunch of different things, all with one thing in mind - making you feel good! So whether its a delicious salad recipe, an epic work out, some self love guidance or more, we hope to bring a little more of that feel good vibe into your life! You'll be hearing lots from me ha! I'm Klarisa, by the way, the owner of The Goods but more importantly you'll be hearing lots (of good stuff) from all the beautiful people in our fabulous community!

To kick things off I thought I'd share with you my FIVE TIPS to incorporate a little more good food into your life. We put so much pressure on ourselves to eat well, look a certain way, be a certain type of person but all this pressure isn't good for you. So if you're just starting on a healthy eating journey, or you're already well and truely into it, here are some little tips to help you along:


Slowly start incorporating better food choices into your day to day routine. Start switching out processed foods for whole, real foods. No need to go cold turkey, just start by taking small steps. You could start with your breakfast routine ie: switching your daily cocopops to some muesli & yoghurt, and then follow through to snacks, then lunch ie: chicken & salad wrap instead of fried chicken burger, then dinner. Progress slowly though. There is no rush, you're already making progress just by thinking about what you're consuming.


Do a pantry & fridge overhaul. No I don't mean throw absolutely everything out. Just start small, get rid or offer to friends & family anything that doesn't align with the end goal - eating feel good food. Once you've cleaned out, make a conscious decision to purchase as many whole & real foods as possible. By eliminating foods that don't align with your end goal, you won't have the temptation sitting right in front of you.


Best way to ensure you're eating well? Preparation is key! When you're making dinner make a little extra so you've got enough for lunch the next day. Dedicate some time at the end of each week, to plan what you're going cook & eat the following week. Include any social outings & work around them. Become the king or queen of making NOURISH BOWLS - ie. bowls filled with random veg/legumes/grains/proteins left over from dinner. I'll do a separate blog post on these because they're so versatile.


Begin to deepen your understanding of what your habits are. Find yourself ravenous when you get home from work? I certainly do! Fab, have some good snacks available. I always have some hummus in the fridge and either veg sticks or crackers available - its the prefect snack. Start to become more in tune with what your body is telling you mentally & physically.


You're doing well just by starting to even think about making healthier choices. The best way to ruin that is my comparing yourself & self-sabotaging. Eating good food should be enjoyable, not a chore. If you're feeling like chowing down on some ice-cream, I say do it! Its funny because people are often shocked seeing me eating a burger & fries, I'm the owner of a whole foods cafe and therefore the epitome or whole foods living right?! Well yes, I eat lots of whole foods, but equally I also love a good burger & fries from time to time. I do whats right for me at that time & because I know I make good food choices most of the time, I don't pressure myself to adhere to certain standards, I just eat #noregrets.

K x


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