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Choc brownie bliss balls

Hands up if you love chocolate! I do! Love it! Especially at Easter time, when let say, it's more than in abundance. Seriously chocolate everywhere! I’m ok with it though ha, everything in moderation, right?!

It’s almost Easter (cannot believe it, this year is flying) so we thought we’d keep the choc theme rolling (see what I did there) and share with you our Choc Brownie Bliss Ball recipe. This has been a staple at The Goods since day one. While it’s not an Easter egg per se - ok its absolutely not, and if you’re in the mood for an egg, go eat one, its only easter once a year, but then go and make some of these and tell me you don’t love them just as much! Plus if you’re after a super cute not standard Easter present, a little jar of these is the perfect gift! Gluten free, diary free, vegan & freaking delicious. Enjoy! K x



1 cup almonds

1 cup waLnuts

½ cup cacao

½ cup plant protein

10 medjool dates (pitted)

2 tbsp maca powder

¼ cup water


  1. In a food processor add almonds & walnuts and blitz on high speed until broken down into medium size crumb. Reserve ¼ cup of this mix for rolling.

  2. Add the cacao, protein, medjool dates, maca & water. Blitz until small clumps start to form.

  3. Remove everything from the food processor and using a large table spoon, scoop 1 tablespoon of mixture into hands and roll into balls. Then roll balls in almond & walnut mixture. Keep on rolling until you have used all the mixture, approximately 10-12 balls depending on how big you’ve made them.

  4. Voila!


  • You can add sub whatever nuts you want. We just love the flavour of the almond-walnut combination.

  • You can also roll in cacao for more of a truffle style bliss ball.

  • If you find the mixture isn’t coming together well, wet your hands a little and it’ll come together a bit easier.


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