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Let us take care of your catering needs for your next event, family bbq or any other reason to have bulk salads!

Have a look at our salad menu below, email your order to, and kick back and relax.

We require *at least* 2 days' notice (the more, the better!) for all orders, and your order is not confirmed until you've received a response from us. Sometimes we can fit a last-minute order in, please reach out.

If you're after a custom order that isn't just salad, please get in touch with the details of what you're after, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.


Why The Goods?

So, why should you choose The Goods to cater your next event?

Well...we live and breathe salad, it's who we are, it's why we exist. We started as a humble salad bar in 2017, and now we're bursting out the edges feeding the Canberra masses - and we LOVE IT. We completely understand that putting together the perfect salad/s can take a lot of time, so we're here to help!

We proudly make all of our salads and dressings in-house from scratch. We use the freshest ingredients, sourcing from local suppliers where possible, and we really take pride in what we do. 

Our salads are full of whole foods - lots of veggies, seeds, nuts, herbs, proteins etc! No weird fillers! Same goes for our catering wraps! Full of good, tasty, whole foods.

Simple, fresh and tasty - FEEL GOOD FOOD.

Want to find out more? Or have a question?

Send us an email:

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